On the Use of Cookies

On our website, we use cookies to improve our services and provide services more suitable to our customers.

What is Cookie

Cookies are a feature used to store information about your visit to our site on your computer (or internet-connected devices such as smartphones or tablets).For example, by using cookies, information about the number of visits to our website and the pages visited can be gathered. On this page, we explain the types of cookies used by Unique Vision Company, Japan. (“UV”), their overview, and information about how to change settings.

If you would like to know more about how UV protects your privacy regarding the personal information collected through some of these cookies, please view the Unique Vision Privacy Policy.

The Types of Cookies Used on the Websites Operated by UV

Cookie NameTool ProviderCookie TypeOverview of Information AcquiredPurpose of UseHow to Change Settings*
Google Analytics Google Inc.Analytics cookiesData on the pages viewed by users (such as the page’s URL). Click here for more details.Understanding Usage and Considering Service Improvement: We use cookies as a reference to understand usage situations of the services provided by our site, aiming to improve our services and offer services more suited to the interests and needs of our customers.■ Opt-out setting:Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on ■Terms of Use:Google Analytics Terms of Service ■Privacy Policy:Google Privacy Policy
FacebookMeta Platforms, Inc.Advertising CookiesInformation on visit and behavior history on websites Click here for more details.Advertisement Delivery Using Cookies: Our company utilizes advertising services (display advertising, remarketing, retargeting features) of advertisement providers and delivers notifications (advertisements) if and when individuals previously visiting our site access certain pages. In this process, we use cookies to collect visit history information of our site.Facebook Opt-out Page
X(Twitter)X Corp.Web intentX Account Information. Click here for more details.The same as aboveTwitter Opt-out Page

* User can individually disable the use of cookies by either visiting the opt-out pages of each tool provider or by adjusting the settings in your browser. Please be aware that if the user changed your browser, delete cookies, or switch to a new PC, it may be necessary to make those settings again.

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